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Big Chip Award 2016 fro Stardotstar

Big Chip WIN for LAMP

For the most Innovative Application Application of Technology

Big Chip 2016 WIN

For Labour Market Planning (LAMP)

Would the judges really get the enormity of crunching 17.3 million data points to make a simple to use system that allows colleges to see if their courses were relevant now and in the future? 

Yes – yes they did.

Massive thanks to the Judges, the Stardot team and our wonderful clients at Monster, especially Malcolm and Graeme, who committed to using agile to make a great product with us.

Open University CHIP screenshot

CHIP: Investigating Psychology

Explore psychology via this interactive tool

CHIP: Investigating Psychology

For The Open University

Come and explore the world of psychology through this exciting new academic research tool.

Discover new links and stories as you navigate the starfield to reveal the major historical and contextual events that lead us to todays understanding of the popular academic discourse…

Long listed in the Information is Beautiful Awards here.
Labour Market Planning LaMP screen capture

Labour Market Planning (LaMP)

Labour market intelligence for Monster

Monster: Labour Market Planning (LaMP)

April  2015

We’re  pleased to be able to finally tell you about LAMP; a product we’ve built for Monster Government Solutions. In a nutshell it allows colleges to understand the labour market they are educating their students to enter. Also the largest table we’ve used on a website with over 1.1 rows and 17 million data values. Whoa.
First Steps featured on an iPad and iPhone

First Steps

Mobile-first e-learning for First4Adoption

First Steps

for First4Adoption and Dfe

We’re delighted to have launched First Steps — the UK’s first e-learning resource for a national adoption information service, First4adoption. Built as a mobile first experience, it features four initial subjects featuring eight audio episodes and allows users to self test their own progress and increase their state of readiness.

See and hear it here.


BBC: Stash or Splash

Where does all of your money go?

Stash or Splash

You may have noticed that we've produced a BBC Taster experiment called Stash or Splash. Sadly, now offline.
Bolton Smiles screen preview - a location pin showing a Dave Spikey audio file playing

Bolton Smiles

A mobile friendly audio trail

Bolton Smiles

A gorgeous exploratory audio trail located across Bolton's Town Centre. Follow the voices of local residents and celebrities as they share their personal tales and memories of the town.
You can see it here.

NHS DataWell for GM-AHSN

NHS: DataWell

Explaining how Data can save lives

NHS: DataWell

We’re produced some presentation collaterals to help explain the power of DataWell, a new NHS data platform, for GM-AHSN. Produced in Keynote and beautifully illustrated and animated, the AHSN can customise their presentation over time as the learn which messages are best received by their audience.

Stardotstar Space Poster

Buy our A-Z of SPACE poster

From Astronaut to Zodiac.

The A-Z of SPACE poster is available NOW

Nov 2015

The A-Z of SPACE is our gorgeous A2 poster taking you from Astronaut to Zodiac, via the Kuiper Belt and Yuri Gagarin.B

Junior Vets On Call by Stardotstar

CBBC Junior Vets On Call

Exciting animal rescue on your mobile phone

CBBC Junior Vets On Call

We've been at it again with the release of Junior Vets On Call for CBBC, with True North.

This HTML5 game looks great on your desktop, and even better on your mobile phone. Try it here.

Visible Trade for the Open University

Visible Trade

For the Open University

Visible Trade:

For the Open University

Delve into 20 years’ worth of UK export and import data to discover some surprising stories about the UK’s trade relations with the rest of the world. Now short-listed for the Information is Beautiful Awards 2014

See Visble Trade. There's a nice 'how to' video here.

A screen shot of Building Stories an interactive for the Open University

Building Stories

Interactive storytelling for the OU

Building Stories

Building Stories

We’ve completed another delightful interactive for the Open University based around the architects behind some of Britain's most iconic buildings, called Building Stories.

It’s been created in support of the BBC Four series The Brits Who Built The Modern World and will even work on your tablet.

CBBC Junior Vets

Children's vet game 2013

CBBC Junior Vets

Children's vet game

Working with True North and CBBC, we devised and produced the Junior Vets online game, allowing kids to get stuck-in and help animals. Nominated for Best Game at Broadcast Digital Awards 2013 and Best Use of Gaming at Big Chip Awards 2013. Watch the video.

Nominet Trust Infographic

Nominet Trust

Animated infographic

Nominet Trust


We're excited to reveal our animated infographic that highlights the Nominet Trusts investment in social organisations. Take a look here.

A screen shot of Little Planet  for TfGM

Little Planet

For TfGM

Little Planet


It's amazing, but out of the 3.2 million secondary school children in England, a staggering 24% are driven an average of 3.5 miles to school. Can you imagine what that generates in terms of greenhouse gasses? Well now, pupils can do just that with Little Planet which will allow them to estimate and visualise the weight of their travels.

All in glorious HTML5 – no flash plug in required.

StardotBOOM picture featuring the two on-screen players


Our little internal game project


a small internal game project

...that we thought you might be interested in. An HTML multiuser game, now offline.


Our one-page websites and workshops


With the Nominet Trust

Jam was an ambitious and easy to use web platform to get charities online with modern, mobile friendly websites at a very low cost. It produced some 350 websites for organisations trying to make the world a better place; from theatre groups, neighbourhood associations and even the Duke of York.

Sadly we've now closed the Jam service down, but in its day it supported a lot of good. No Wordpress required..

20th Century Authors

Interactive Infographics for the OU

20th Century Authors

Interactive Infographics for the OU

We’ve joined the dots of C20th Britain to give learners the chance to discover cultural connections. 60 writers with shared genres, themes, universities, jobs and awards, added up to a staggering 3500 connections! See C20th Authors in HTML5, and C20th Composers in the orginal Flash.

Longlisted in the Information is Beautiful Awards 2014

Beaver Leaks

For Channel 4

Beaver Leaks

Channel 4

A hacker has broken into the characters' devices and published their private emails, texts and pictures, real-time, along with each episode. Viewers could dig-into this content before, during and after each episode. Nominated for Best Website at Broadcast Digital Awards 2012.

Touch Tables

for Salford University

Touch Tables

for Salford University

We’ve been working hard to design and build ten touch-screen tables for the launch of the new University of Salford MediaCityUK campus. The tables allow visitors play games and browse online, with staff able to remotely tailor the tables for those special occasions. See the Video.

BBC Radio 1 IPTV

Prototype developed with the BBC

BBC Radio 1 IPTV

What should radio look like on IPTV? Working with Somethin' Else we created a YouView prototype to show how you can make great looking radio not bad television. Please ask for a demonstration. Winner of Best Application of Technology award at Big Chip 2011.

Graham Norton 

IPTV prototype for So Television

Graham Norton

IPTV prototype for So Television & BBC

How could the new possibilities of IPTV be applied to existing successful formats? Working with So TV, we prototyped how viewers can dig deeper, mid-show, keeping them engaged with the TV screen. See a sneaky peek.
Bento Box for Channel 4

Bento Box

Channel 4

Bento Box

Channel 4

A small IPTV prototype for Channel 4 that is not being taken forward. Overwhelmed with too much choice on your TV? Let us help you with that. See it here.

Gordon Street

Community medical centre

Gordon Street

Medical Centre

Nice and neat website for Gordon Street community medical centre. Designed and built for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Wonder Women

Visual connections for Open University

Wonder Women

Visual connections for Open University

In support of International Women's Day we took a look at 60 of the world's most influential and pioneering women over the past 100 years.

See Wonder Women.


RLP Things to Come

for Royal the Liverpool Philharmonic

RLP Things to Come

for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Things to Come is an application to introduce the audience to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, how an orchestra works and the eponymous piece of music by Sir Arthur Bliss. We’re also delighted to have won 2 national BIMA awards. See Things To Come

No Anorak Required

for Transport for Greater Manchester

No Anorak Required

for Transport for Greater Manchester

A fun and educational ‘timeline history’ of Greater Manchester's public transport. This interactive piece, for 11–13 year olds and their teachers, provides an online platform for this amazing story. See No Anorak Required.

Safe and Sound

for Dept. for Transport & GM Police

Safe & Sound

for Department for Transport & Greater Manchester Police

Winner of 3 BIMA awards, amongst others, this project rejuvenated Road Safety within schools for the Department for Transport. See one video episode of Safe and Sound..

Nosey Parker

Our 'closer, safer, cheaper' parking app

Nosey Parker

Our 'closer, safer, cheaper' parking app

Our Nosey Parker app reached number 20 in the UK app-chart, featured on The Gadget Show and won the Best Application of Technology award at the Big Chips. It even featured on local BBC News
15th Birthday Cake for Stardotstar

We're 17. SEVENTEEN.


We're 18

April 10th 2001 - although we were trading in 2000

Stardotstar is 18: 216 months, 936 weeks, 1 accountant, 4 offices, 1 client for 12+ years, 1 office fire (the best declutter ever), 1 ex-business partner, 5 BIMAs and 12+ Big Chip Awards.

A big thank you to all of our clients and Starlets past and present. No one can accuse us, and specicially me, of not being persistent.
A collection of video icons from our portfolio

Watch our work

On Vimeo

Watch our work

We try to capture as much of our work as we go along.
You can see it here.

Clients Clients

Research. Health. Education. Culture. Digital.

Specialising in games, visualisations and product development, we use our skills to make a difference

In the last 3 years alone, our platforms have helped over 7000+ people take their first steps into adoption, our games let 10,000s of children every week care for (literally!) millions of virtual animals, our products help our client's FE customers make informed decisions about the courses they deliver, and our interactive visualisations have helped public understanding in the sciences, arts and the environment.

Contact Stardotstar on:0161 236 9740, or get in touch.

The very latest


We've completed a new exciting educational 3D mobile game called Entreprenaws for Stepping Into a Business; an EdTech start-up backed by Innovate UK.

Entreknaws 3D characters
Aimed at primary school year 5 and 6 (9-11yrs) this game allows young minds to play and figure out how to get a profitable product to market by experimenting with product, place and price.

Playing the role of an enterprising start-up smoothie manufacturer and retailer, kids have to figure out what types of smoothies customers want and at what price. Just like real life then.

The new app is available on IOS and Android and was launched at the BETT show in January.

Nomminated for 'Best Game' in the the Big Chip Awards.
June 2017


Awards are never the point of our work but they are a nice by-product of a job well done. Ours include numerous Big Chip Awards, 5 BIMA's and a bit of a BAFTA amongst others.

Big Chip Awards
2016 Best Application of Technology
2015 Best Public Sector Website
2013 Commended for Big Chip Digital Agency Award
2011 Best Application of Technology
2010 Big Chip New Media Agency
2010 Best Application of Technology
2010 Best E-learning Project
2009 Commendation for Best Use of Visual Design
2009 Commendation for Best Public Sector Project
2007 Best E-Learning project
2005 Best Animation
2005 Best Use of Broadband
2005 Best E-Learning Project
2005 Commendation for Best Public Sector Project
2004 Best Use of E-learning technology
2002 Best Public Information Site

5 BIMA Awards
2009 Sound Design
2009 Interactive TV
2007 Government and Information
2007 Kids
2007 Education and Training
August 2016

What have I been up to?

  • Right now I'm working on several PowerPoint presentations to help a large telecoms company explain its services internally and pitch externally.
  • Finalising a locative audio app that features augmented reality for a site in Marple. Coming soon.
  • Mentoring a start-up.
  • Produced a motion graphics video of for a large legal firm that's having its initial public offering.
  • Redesigned a clients diabetes app to look more consistent and 'clean'.


I'm busy working on a new type of consumer-facing CCTV platform to help friends, family, and neighbours to protect each other. We're currently looking for Angel investment to help us prototype, trial and launch this highly novel service to change the consumer CCTV market.

If you are a manufacturer or investor, and want to hear about the business case, approach and opportunity, then do get in touch.

Digital Marketplace

The Crown Commercial Service have confirmed that we are now allowed to announce that we have been appointed to its Digital Marketplace to offer services under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

First Steps

We're really pleased to see our First Steps e-learning service hit its 7,000th user, as potential adopters start on the road to adopting a child. Did somebody say Tech for Good?
July 2018

Big Chip Win

We’re delighted to have won a Big Chip Award last week for our e-learning website First Steps for First4Adoption. It was made more surprising as we were up against the very well regarded BBC iWonder, which we think is wonderful.

Stardotstar team picture featuring the award trophy

First Steps helps to prepare potential adopters as they go through the adoption process – no mean feat. The site features progressive unlocking, inline testing and beautiful audio & video interviews, to help our learners the site is mobile friendly throughout. To date we’ve had over 2000 potential adopters work their way through the course, some of whom have actually gone on to adopt.

First Steps is a website that’s making a difference by supporting the process of getting children out of care and into the arms of a loving parent. 

Gez, July 2015

Ruby on Rails 

Right now we're looking for a Ruby on Rails developer. Is that you? You’ll need to work with the rest of the team to creatively think about how to technically deliver our projects and products.

We’d love to hear from you, if you:
- possess a great track record of getting things done on time without sacrificing quality
- have a enthusiasm for technology
- are aware of relevant industry trends and developments
- demonstrate a deep understanding of big-picture software architecture
- have a genuine talent for software development (i.e. don’t scrape-through by just copying and pasting randomly from Stack Overflow)

And experience in these areas would be a distinct advantage:
- Cloud platforms (such as AWS or Heroku)
- Javascript
- Mobile development

Drop us a line at hello (at) All communication will be acknowledged, and kept confidential. No reply means we didn't get your message

All communications will be treated in confidence.

Gez, April 2016

The Apprentice

Higher Level Apprenticeship in Interactive Design & Development.
With our friends over at Hyper Island, we're looking for an Apprentice to sit alongside our talented team, building some of the most interesting work around…

The programme kicks off in Sep '15, interviewing takes place over the couple of months. 

If you fancy learning on the job and want to become a Junior Front Developer, get in touch below, telling us just how great you are.
Gez, Feb 2015

Stardotstudent Placements

Are you looking for an industrial placement on your sandwich course? We're a Ruby on Rails house at the backend, and doing some lovely HTML5 and hardcore Javascript tools and toys for the BBC, Open University and more at the front. 

If you like to learn, and are keen to work on R&D prototypes, and public facing projects, drop us a line on the form below, telling us how great you are.
Gez, Jan 2015

Made with Jam

If you’re a charity, community project or not-for-profit busy trying to change the world, the last thing on your mind is updating your website!

Well, we hope to change all that with our recipe and platform for creating beautiful and efficient one page websites. 

If you're a capacity building organisation, find out more at, or if you're just looking for website for yourself, take a look at - where you can build your own for £4/month.

Jam provides absolutely everything you need. No hidden extras, no upsells, no fuss.
Gareth, Feb 2015

Business Developer

In collaboration with our partners at Taylor O'Brien, we’re looking for a business development / marketing person to bring cold leads into the warm.

- Two super-interesting companies in branding and design with digital strategy and content.
- Post graduate role
- Make introductions for us with new potential clients, taking them from cold to warm leads.
The happy candidate will need to be great at research, creation of supporting marketing campaigns, CRM management, copywriting and, oh everything.

Find out more here, and if you think it sounds fun and interesting (which it is!), then get in touch via the form below.

Does this sound like you - get in touch via the form below.
Gez, Jan 2015

Short-listed for the Information is Beautiful Awards 2014

Now short-listed for the Information is Beautiful Awards 2014, Visible Trade lets you delve into 20 years’ worth of UK export and import data to discover some surprising stories about the UK’s trade relations with the rest of the world. Wish us luck on the 12th November...
Gez, October 2014

We're looking for an Office Manager

We’re looking for a full or part-time Office Manger, or PA, to run the day-to-day operations around the studio.

Office insurance, project invoicing, purchasing, health and safety, admin – all of these tasks and more will be your domain. You will have to be reliable, trustworthy, articulate, organisational and preferably have an understanding of what we do as a digital creative studio.

You’ll be reporting to our multi-tasking MD who wants to multi-task less and focus more.

 Gez, May, 2014

Big Chip 2014

Great news… Our HTML5 interactive story for the Open University Building Stories has been shortlisted for the Best Use of Visual Design.

Go us :-)

It’s been created in support of the BBC Four series The Brits Who Built The Modern World and will even work on your tablet.

Gareth, May 2014

Email down…   :-( 

Give us a call...  :-)

Wed 20th May: Our email is down today… don't know why… but we're looking into it. 

So why not give us a call instead? It's good to talk.

Tel: 0161 236 9740
Gareth, 20th May 2015
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